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It's finally here! Art for everyone is an elegant yet simple site that is perfect for any "paint and sip" or art teaching type of business. It even has a built in booking feature to help you stay organized while creating an easy booking process for your customers. This template is built out to function on mobile, tablet and PC!

This template can be edited and manipulated as needed after the purchase, so if it is not exactly perfect, no worries! All of our templates come with a Google SEO done to each page. Keep in mind that is done using generic key words and titles based on this temlate. This also can be edited after purchase with a few clicks. Unlike a lot of template selling sites, our job is not done once the sight is yours. Our experienced team will answer any questions that you may have about doing any types of edits, just give us a call!

Art for Everyone Template

  • Once this temlate is bought, you will receive a confirmation. Within 24 hours of your order and we will do what is called a transfer of ownership to you via email. Once the email is accepted and ownership is confirmed, the site will be completely yours! We stay on as contributors to the site to assist with any issues or questions you may have for the first month. 

    If you purchased the "We fill it in" accessory, one of our team members will be reaching out to you within 1-2 business days to begin collecting the neccessary information to fill out your new site! Once all of the information is gathered and input into the template, the transfer of ownership email will be sent like mentioned above.

    We will only sell a limited number of each templates so act fast before they are gone!

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