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How To Grow Your Social Media Following

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Growing your social media accounts can be a daunting task. You may wonder what is the fastest way to grow your social accounts? Or maybe how to build an interactive following? But there is no one magic answer for any business. The key to success is a formula that needs to be specialized for every company.

Here at MB Design we pride ourselves on our ability to create customized plans, at any budget, for every business!


Here are some tip to help your social media following grow

Tip #1 : Sign Up!

Layout of different boxes with metrics, social media posts, images and profiles.

Before you can start using social media to your advantage you have to create your accounts. And in doing that, you want them to be optimized to suit who you are trying to reach.

When you are first creating your social media accounts, there are a few things you want to consider. The first one is what type of social media you should be using for your particular industry.

Are you a new, chic clothing company? You would see better results from using Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest as opposed to LinkedIn.

Are you an industrial company selling building supplies or pallets? You would see better results from LinkedIn or Facebook, as opposed to Instagram or TikTok.

It is all about deciding where you should start!

Tip #2 : Study, Study, Study!

You need to learn all you can before you start on your social media advertising & marketing.

You should study your audience. Some things to learn are...

Group of people happily engaged in what they are being presented. All of them are smiling.
  • What do your clientele want?

  • When are they searching for you/your product or service?

  • How are they searching for you/your product or service?

  • Are they seeking more information on your industry?

  • Are they strictly shopping?

  • What are your clients details (age range, profession, etc.)?

These are all things that can help you reach them in a way they will respond to!

Another thing you need to study is your competition! What has and hasn't worked for them? How are they targeting their audience? Are you using the same tactics? Are they not using something you could?

Study them and learn how you can improve and rise above them.

Tip #3 : Brand Is Everything

Branded and styled image of a bag with a computer, mouse, wallet and phone appearing to be laying next to bag.

Branding is essential for any form of marketing. You want your audience and clients to recognize you from your colors and logo before they even begin to read the message.

You should build out a branding template to follow throughout your website, social media accounts and any other marketing you do.

Tip #4 : Consistency Is Key

Be consistent! Be predictive. You want people to know what to expect from you and when to be seeing it.

Posting every Thursday? Maybe reading your posts will become part of their weeks!

Not only can it help clients, but it also helps in ranking and interactions. The algorithms for social media want to show you off when you are consistently posting things that people are interacting with and spending time on. Whether that be images, videos, text or a combination, keep consistent.

A great way to do this is by creating a content calendar. You can plan out your content for the week, month or even longer (depending upon how you'd like to handle it). This helps take some of the pressure off the last minute, "Oh no! I need to post tomorrow, but I have no idea what to do!". It can also help you create a wider variety of content for your users.

Tip #5 : Be Creative!

Image of a group of people all sitting around on computers. They are in varying seating positions on stools, a couch and even on the floor.

If you know anything about marketing, it should be this... Always be creative and fresh in your content. People want to see what's new and coming, no what last years trends were. They also don't want to read the same things over and over again.

Use new images and topics. Freshen it up with different details and layouts. Do not use old content repeatedly, especially on your website as search engines do not look highly on duplicated content.

Tip #6 : Interact With Your Followers

Interacting with your followers is the key to growing your engagement! No one wants to have a one sided conversation, and you can avoid that by responding to messages, comments and shout outs. You may even reach a larger audience by pushing through to their friends lists as well!

Be on brand when responding as well. You want your best feet forward when interacting with even negative engagement.

In summary...

In short, be sure you are curating content for your audience and for your brand. You want to find the middle ground on the two and that can be tricky.

If you are not getting the results you want, try a new tactic! There are plenty of ways to switch things up, you do not have to be limited in your approach!

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