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Summer Sizzle: Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Digital Marketing Success

Are you looking to up your marketing game for the summer? Maybe you're just starting out your businesses, or you are looking to revamp what marketing efforts you already have going. Either way MB Design has the tips to help you help bring the Sizzle To Your Summer Marketing!

Like any other time during the year, you want to create engaging content for your readers, users and shoppers! Be sure to consider topics related to your industry and this changing season!

Summer Social Media Campaign Ideas

Taking summer by storm is social media could potentially bring in a ton more traffic for your business! Here are some ideas for content...

  • Summer Contests or Giveaways!

    • These are always a fun way to get some attention from readers. Maybe you could give it a summer feel, like anything from a summer themed gift basket to a weekend getaway!

  • Sumer Photo Challenges!

    • Get your followers engaged and interacting with you and hashtags by posting their own pictures! This can be a great way to get some movement in views, likes and even save you some time on creating content, since users are sharing and creating the images for you!

  • Summer Recipe Series!

    • Who doesn't love a good cool treat or grilling recipe to try once the weather starts getting warm? Take note of your followers needs and preferences when choosing the recipes & products you are sharing with them!

  • Summer Flash Sales & Daily Deals!

    • You could host summer flash sales on products or services, available for a certain time. You could even do daily deals on products and services that are exclusive to only your followers! Promote graphics, countdowns and more to create a sense of urgency in your shoppers.

Optimizing Digital Marketing Strategies for Seasonal Businesses

In order to market to your shoppers during the summer season, you need to understand the various seasonal trends and patterns that your business goes through. If it is your first summer as a company, you should pay extra attention and take note on what differences you see within your company!

You can optimize your business for the season in multiple ways, like creating specialized content for the season, optimizing web pages for the products/services users are more likely shopping for, and even leveraging different keywords during this time.

Ensuring you are meeting a need your consumers have is vital to success. In order to do this, you need to be sure you are studying their patterns and optimizing to fit those needs.

Seasonal SEO

Seasonal SEO is no different that any other form of seasonal marketing. Throughout the year you will see different topics and keywords rank better than others. During these times, you need to ensure that the SEO work you have done lines up with those trends. If you are not answering the right questions or providing the needed service, you could effect your overall ranking. Just ensure your seasonal content, products, services and metadata matches up with those seasonal trends!

The keywords/phrases needed for your Summer SEO are going to be different for every business, so test some out and see how they do! If you need SEO help MB Design offers quality SEO Services, with built in seasonal tracking for its customers.

a beach with people on the sand and in the water

Summer Email Marketing Tactics

There are hundreds of different ways to attack summer marketing, but email marketing is one of the best ways of direct marketing available to most companies. Be sure you are using summer themed content, reflecting the spirit of summer. This could include vacations, outdoor activities, or holidays.

Offering summer sales & promotions is another good tactic! You can offer exclusive summer discounts to your followers, host giveaways and have generalized promotions. Highlight limited time offers, flash sales and clearance events in your emails to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

A few more tactics, that may or may not pertain to your business could be...

  • Vacation planning guides: These could include your products or services

  • Summer Events & Activities: Whether you are hosting or attending, be sure your followers & customers know!

  • Summer Product Showcase: Show off summer themed products, collections and seasonal offerings in your emails. Add compelling visuals that get people excited for your product/service this summer!

  • Staycation Ideas: This could include summer recipes, comfy items, activities or products that consumers could use at home and more. Position your brand as a source of entertainment and relaxation for summer staycations!

  • Summer Wellness & Self-Care: Offer tips and resources for staying healthy, active and well-rested during the summer months. Share advice on staying hydrated, protecting skin from the sun, practicing self-care and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

  • Post-Travel Follow Ups: Follow up with subscribers who have recently traveled or purchased summer-related product or services from your brand. Thank customers and solicit feedback on their experiences. You could even offer them recommendations for future trips/purchases!

Navigate Summer Marketing Events and Festivals

Navigating summer marketing events and festivals presents opportunities for your business to connect with your target audience, increase brand visibility, and drive sales. If you are fully online, or even mostly, it can also give you the chance to get face to face with clients and really build some trust in your brand!

Here are some great tips for handling these summer events...

  • Research the various events and find one you think your target audience will be attending. They have events in all kinds of places, revolving around all types of topics & industries. There may be some better suited to fit with your target market.

  • Set clear objectives & goals for yourself going into events. Is your goal to get more followers and make sales? Or is your goal just to network with other businesses? No matter what those goals look like for you, make sure you are mentally noting it and creating some tactics to meet them.

  • Plan and prepare for these events early. As business owners, time can get away from you in the day to day and these events can sneak up on you! Be sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to get all materials, products, and booth set up items ready well before the event to prevent any hiccups last minute!

  • Create an engaging booth for attendees. Design eye catching visuals and offer something fun & unique. If you can get someone in, you may be able to convince them to follow or shop while they are there! Get creative and have fun. This could include having a game, giveaway products, a raffle, or even just fun displays!

  • Offer exclusive promotions and discounts to shoppers, only at the event today. Give them a sense of urgency to shop with you and don't let them move on and forget you by the end of the day!

  • Engage and build relationships with attendees! Talking with people is a great way to market yourself, and in turn your company. Not everyone is going to love you, but you may find a few people who are willing to listen and engage with your sales pitch. Ask them to follow you, or visit the website and maybe even offer to follow them back!

At the end of the event be sure you are measuring and evaluating whatever goals you set for yourself before the event. Did it meet or exceed your projections? Or maybe it didn't quite make the mark and you have some new work to do! Either way, get your business out there and make those connections.

Managing Social Media & SEO During Vacation Season

We all want to take a vacation in the warmer months, but what does that mean for your business? If you are working with a larger team, then it probably doesn't change too much. But if you are a small business owner, this could be a much bigger deal!

Set your business up for success and plan ahead! You can complete work early, set up automations and even schedule out content while you are gone that automatically posts. This can give your businesses a seamless solution while you are out and about!

While looking ahead to another great summer of sales & growth, remember consistency is key in your marketing efforts! If you are not growing with your audience, they will leave you behind! So stay on brand, on theme and get that Sizzling Summer started!!

Sunglasses on the sand on the beach.

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