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What Is The Best Type of Marketing For You?

No matter what industry you are in, marketing is vital for your businesses success. The type of marketing you choose to go with will make all the difference in what type of results you receive. At MB Design, we want to help every business succeed. We are dedicated to helping every business in the best ways we can by creating customized marketing campaigns and tactics. We have compiled a list of the best marketing tactics for you based upon the type of industry your company is in. While this list is generic, we find it most common.

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When we use the word "industry", we are referring to a group of companies that are engaged in similar economic activities, or producing related goods or services. This can be a wide range, or more narrow niche. While we have done our best to be inclusive of major industries, yours may not fall directly into one!

Industry Type

Best Marketing Solution


Digital Marketing - including social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO. These are all used to directly reach and engage with clients & potential clients online.

Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, etc.)

Local SEO & Review Sites - The importance of local visibility and positive reviews are highly beneficial. Review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp can help you promote to locals, travelers, and more.


Content Marketing & SEO - Providing informative content related to health topics through blogs, articles, and videos can establish trust and credibility with patients. SEO strategies ensure that people can find all the amazing content you're creating.


Content Marketing & Thought Leadership - Given that this industry is incredibly complex in its products and services, you need to showcase your industry expertise and thought leadership can be particularly effective. This includes whitepapers, case studies, and webinars that address industry challenges and trends.

Financial Services (Banks, Insurance, etc.)

Educational Content & Email Marketing - Financial service companies can benefit from providing educational content on topics like financial planning, investing, and insurance. Email Marketing campaigns tailored to different customer segments can also help nurture leads and encourage conversions.

Real Estate

Local SEO & Visual Content - Local SEO helps real estate agents and agencies appear in local searches when potential clients are looking for properties in specific areas. Visual content such as high-quality photos, virtual tours, and video walkthroughs can significantly enhance property listings and attract buyers.


Social Media & Video Marketing - Social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer highly targeted options for reaching potential buyers based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Video marketing, including virtual test drives and product showcases, can also be effective in showcasing features and generating interest.


Content Marketing & Email Campaigns - Educational institutions can use content marketing to provide valuable resources such as blog posts, guides, and webinars to students, parents, and educators. Email Campaigns targeting prospective students and alumni can help nurture relationships and drive enrollment.


Trade Shows & Industry Events - Participating in trade shows and industry events provides manufacturers with opportunities to show case their products, network with potential buyers, and stay updated on industry trends. Digital marketing also will help with advertising events you are either hosting, or attending.

Nonprofit Organizations

Storytelling & Donor Engagement - Nonprofits can benefit from storytelling techniques that communicate their mission, impact, and the stories of those they serve. Donor engagement strategies, including personalized communications and fundraising events, help foster relationships and support fundraising efforts.

So, what is the best type of marketing for you?

If you are ready to learn more about what marketing tactics would help your business, and how to transform those tactics into reality, email us today! We would love to schedule a call to get you started!

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